University of Wisconsin–Madison

Meet the staff

Gabe Javier

Assistant Dean & Director

Gabriel (Gabe) Javier serves as Assistant Dean of Students and Interim Director of the Multicultural Student Center. Gabe is also the Director of the LGBT Campus Center. Previously, Gabe served as the Assistant Director of the Spectrum Center and Assistant to the Dean of Students at the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor. Originally from St. Louis, MO, Gabe was raised Roman Catholic and is a member of Pi Kappa Alphs Fraternity. Gabe has presented across the nation on topics such as intersectionality, intimate partner violence and sexual assault, digital identity development, and the design, implementation, and assessment of LGBTQ Ally Training programs.

Katherine Charek Briggs

Associate Director (interim)

Katherine Charek Briggs is the Interim Associate Director of the LGBT Campus Center and the librarian of the LGBTQ Resource Library. KCB is also currently on the board of the Consortium of Higher Education LGBT Resource Professionals nationally, and in Madison helps organize LGBT Books to Prisoners and the Wisconsin Transgender Health Coalition. Katherine is invested in information access, literacy, and transparency, and finds a center in working towards transformative relationships and liberatory community spaces.

Sheltreese McCoy

Social Justice Educator

Sheltreese D. McCoy (she/her/hers) is a Black, fat, queer, disabled, cis femme who knows social justice is a tool to liberation.

She is currently a doctoral candidate who is researching the TQSOC experiences within cultural centers. When she is not knee deep in research, she is working for the nation’s first university supported initiative she crafted for Trans and Queer students of color at UW- Madison, called Crossroads. And as if that was not enough she regularly travels around the country doing socially just strategic planning & trainings for other colleges and universities through her company, Radical Higher Education Innovations, LLC.

Tiffany Lee

Program Coordinator

Tiffany Lee is a Black queer femme from York City. She has Master’s degrees in Gender and Women’s Studies and Afro-American Studies from UW Madison. Her scholarship and activism are centered on queer folk of color. She enjoys (good) spoken word, clever Internet memes, and challenging oppressive structures – small and large. She is extremely excited to bring her passion and experience to help create and sustain an empowering environment for queer people and our allies on this campus.

Grad students

Jess Draws

Graduate Intern

Jess Draws is a graduate student intern at the LGBT Campus C enter. She has a Bachelor’s in social work and is currently pursuing her Master’s. She’s interested in studying healthy relationships, juvenile justice, the history and future of the social work profession, and watching cooking videos on YouTube. Ask her about any of the above next time you see her!

Leigh Wilson

Graduate Intern

cecil leigh wilson is a trans, crip, & queer graduate student in the dept. of german, nordic, and slavic. ze teaches russian language and quelp; hir research interests are queerness and disability in russian literature, slavic science fiction, and pedagogical strategies for autistic teachers. ze loves cephalopods, fiber crafts, the color range between burgundy and eggplant, and conrad veidt.

Undergrad students

Quasia Heru

Event & Program Coordinator

Quasia Heru is an Event & Program Coordinator. They are a junior majoring in GWS with a LGBT certificate. They’re also involved in theatre, learning Korean, and YouthResource, a national group for LGBTQ+ students of color.

Matthew Lewis

Crossroads Intern

Matthew is a senior from Milwaukee, identifying heavily as a poet/ playwright/ Destiny’s Child enthusiast, and studying creative writing with a certificate gender studies. Matthew also made the staff holiday playlist, a special skill in its own right.

Cory Sprinkel

Leadership and Program Coordinator

Cory is the Leadership and Program Coordinator for the LGBT CC. He also works as a House Fellow in Sellery Hall and is one of the co-presidents of the Ten Percent Society. He is an undergrad studying English Literature. 

Meara Sweetnam

Event and Accessibility Coordinator

Meara Sweetnam is the Event and Accessibility Coordinator. They are majoring in Gender and Women’s Studies, along with LGBT Studies, and Studio Art. Meara grew up in Madison,WI and is passionate about creating positive change in the community while they are here. They participate in a number of community organizations including LGBT Books to Prisoners, Queer Pressure, and the Trans Research Lab, which build queer spaces and practice activism in and around LGBTQ+ identity and its many intersections. Much of Meara’s research centers around queer identity and mental health. They are passionate about destigmatizing mental illness and forging greater access to culturally competent mental health care for queer and trans folks.