Meet the staff

Warren Scherer

Position title: Assistant Dean & Director


Warren Scherer (War) War previously worked at the UW-Milwaukee LGBT+ Resource Center and at Project Q, the Milwaukee LGBT Community Center’s youth program. Per also served for four years on the board of the Consortium of Higher Education LGBT Resource Professionals, including two as co-chair. Look out for pers thoughts in the Missive from the Mx in the CC newsletter.

Katherine Charek Briggs

Position title: Assistant Director


Katherine Charek Briggs is the Assistant Director of the GSCC. Katherine has served on the board of the Consortium of Higher Education LGBT Resource Professionals nationally and in Madison helps organize LGBT Books to Prisoners and the Wisconsin Transgender Health Coalition. Katherine is invested in information access and prison abolition and finds a center in working towards transformative relationships and liberatory community spaces.

Tiffany Lee

Position title: Crossroads Coordinator


Tiffany Lee is a Black queer femme from New York City. She has Master’s degrees in Gender and Women’s Studies and Afro-American Studies from UW Madison. Her scholarship and activism are centered on queer folk of color. She enjoys (good) spoken word, clever Internet memes, and challenging oppressive structures – small and large. She is extremely excited to bring her passion and experience to help create and sustain an empowering environment for queer people and our allies on this campus.

Whitney Anderson

Position title: Program Coordinator


Whitney Anderson is the Program Coordinator of the GSCC. She is originally from Kentucky and has been in Madison since 2017. Whitney’s background is in Housing and Residence Life, Gender and Women’s Studies, and LGBTQ+ student advocacy. She is passionate about building community amongst LGBTQ+ folks, centering joy, and always appreciates a funny TikTok.

Belonging Team

Nautilus Gallardo-Mambaje

Position title: Operations Specialist

Nautilus is an undergraduate double majoring in Asian Languages and Cultures and Gender Women’s Studies with a certificate in Asian American Studies. Being an ethnic minority of Filipino and Native CHamorro heritage, his interests stem from its passion for diversion, equity, and inclusion. Key focuses for its studies include liberation movements, art and media, and refugees and migration. Outside of the academic sphere, he has a passion for journaling, marine life, and writing letters.

Community Building Team

Alberto Santiago Ferreiras

Position title: First Year Programs Coordinator

Alberto (He/They) is from the Dominican Republic but grew up in New York City. They are a Posse Scholar studying Information Science. They want to continue to work within student affairs and help support students to have an easier time in higher education. In his free time, he likes to cook, bike (when is not freezing outside), take care of garden and house plants, and watch Drag content (Drag Race, Podcasts, etc.)

Logan Goers

Position title: Event and Program Coordinator

Logan (he/they) is senior majoring in psychology. Additionally, he has academic interests in reformative criminal justice and environmental sciences. He hopes to have a future career in higher education. Outside of academics, he loves listening to music, playing volleyball, and strategy board games.

Axel Armstrong

Position title: Event and Program Coordinator

Axel (they/them) is a first-year undergraduate student who is majoring in Psychology. In addition, they are pursuing certificates in Gender and Women’s Studies as well as Education Policy. Axel’s interests include music and reading, and they have a strong passion for helping others. After graduation, they aspire to become a mental health counselor for people of color in their hometown of Chicago or to pursue a career in Human Resource Management.

Development Team

Anirudh C.

Position title: Student Support

Anirudh (he/him) is a student studying Integrated Data Informatics and Technical Communication and is interested in a future in mental health. He also works as the Program Assistant for StartUp Learning Community. He loves singing and gardening, and likes to cook for others. He is a restless creature, and is always looking for something different to do. He is very passionate about music, design and squirrels.

Pilot Lee

Position title: Event and Program Coordinator

Pilot F. Lee (he/she/they) is a Personal Finance: Financial Planning undergraduate student who wishes to pursue a future in community work and art. She is a local comics artist who likes to make comics and zines about her experience with learning to love everything about being alive. His interests and passions include the color pink, batman, sticker collecting, and being pretty.

Becca Owen

Position title: Graduate Student for Leadership

Becca Owen (they/them) is a graduate student studying visual culture, queer theory, and disability studies in the departments of Art History and Gender and Women’s Studies. Becca is an arts and culture worker who has curated exhibitions for galleries and museums in Wisconsin and their home state of Oregon. In addition to their work at the GSCC, Becca is a Mellon-Morgridge Fellow at the Constellations program and Researcher and Writer for the Division of the Arts. When they’re not on campus, Becca enjoys cuddling with their dog Sunny, swimming, taking care of their garden, and camping.

Gabriella Hartlaub

Position title: Outreach Specialist

Gabi (she/her) is an undergraduate student majoring in Journalism, and pursuing certificates in public policy and LGBTQ+ Studies. Her interests mainly lie in writing, including for the Daily Cardinal at UW Madison. She also loves comic books and spends her free time reading and reviewing them. Her likes include, superman, pastel color palettes, and phoebe bridgers.