Meet the staff

Warren Scherer

Position title: Assistant Dean & Director


Warren Scherer (War) War previously worked at the UW-Milwaukee LGBT+ Resource Center and at Project Q, the Milwaukee LGBT Community Center’s youth program. Per also served for four years on the board of the Consortium of Higher Education LGBT Resource Professionals, including two as co-chair. Look out for pers thoughts in the Missive from the Mx in the CC newsletter.

Katherine Charek Briggs

Position title: Assistant Director


Katherine Charek Briggs is the Assistant Director of the GSCC and the librarian of the LGBTQ Resource Library. Katherine has served on the board of the Consortium of Higher Education LGBT Resource Professionals nationally, and in Madison helps organize LGBT Books to Prisoners and the Wisconsin Transgender Health Coalition. Katherine is invested in information access and prison abolition and finds a center in working towards transformative relationships and liberatory community spaces.

Tiffany Lee

Position title: Crossroads Coordinator


Tiffany Lee is a Black queer femme from New York City. She has Master’s degrees in Gender and Women’s Studies and Afro-American Studies from UW Madison. Her scholarship and activism are centered on queer folk of color. She enjoys (good) spoken word, clever Internet memes, and challenging oppressive structures – small and large. She is extremely excited to bring her passion and experience to help create and sustain an empowering environment for queer people and our allies on this campus.

Community Building Team

Eli Busk

Position title: Program Assistant


Eli is part of the student staff working at the Gender and Sexuality Campus Center this year. He is working towards majoring in art, specifically a BFA and also enjoys working with 3D visual/studio artwork. He is new to the campus but lives close enough to commute from home and has lived near Madison all his life. He is passionate about trans related topics and issues in the LGBTQ+ community. Aside from that, he’s interested in skiing and drumming and is looking forward to finding fun clubs to join and is planning to join the rowing team.

Isha Camara


Isha Camara (she/her) is a 4th year majoring in human development and family studies. She works as a graphic design intern. Her purpose in art to give a narrative that creates conversations driven by tenderness, capturing empathy through drawing bodies, different colorways and beauty. Isha can proudly—and shyly— call herself a visual artist today.

M.Rose Sweetnam

Position title: Event and Accessibility Coordinator


M.Rose Sweetnam is the Event and Accessibility Coordinator. They are an undergraduate majoring in Gender and Women’s Studies, along with LGBTQ+ Studies, and Studio Art. M.Rose grew up in Madison,WI and is passionate about creating positive change in the community while they are here. They participate in a number of community organizations including LGBT Books to Prisoners, the Trans Research Lab, and the Wisconsin Transgender Health Coalition, which build queer spaces and practice activism in and around LGBTQ+ identity and its many intersections.  Much of M.Rose’s research centers around queer identity and mental health. They are passionate about destigmatizing mental illness and forging greater access to culturally competent mental health care for queer and trans folks. Along with their position at the Gender & Sexuality Campus Center, M.Rose also works as a Peer Violence Prevention Specialist at University Health Services, and a Youth Educator at the Arts + Literature Laboratory.

Jae Williams

Position title: Crossroads Intern

Hi! I’m Jae, Crossroads Intern at the GSCC. I’m from Milwaukee and am a freshman at UW-Madison that’s majoring in Political Science and Community & Environmental Sociology on the pre-law track.

Development Team

Sami Estrada

Position title: Student Staff for Leadership


Sami Estrada is the Leadership and Program Student Staff in the GSCC. In addition to being a Center for Academic Excellence (CAE) Scholar, Sami is an undergraduate student majoring in psychology with certificates in LGBTQ+ Studies and Disability Rights and Services. They are a biracial, disabled, nonbinary, and queer second-generation immigrant whose father is from Mexico. They are passionate about fostering community and advocating for intersectionality and inclusivity. Sami enjoys doing hands-on projects and crafts, caring for their two cats Rose and Violet, and drinking Slurpees.

Aidan Aragon

Position title: Student Staff for Special Projects

Aidan Aragon is a 2nd year undergraduate student at UW-Madison, majoring in English (Creative Writing) and Art History. They are a first generation college student, mediocre trombone player, aspirational green-thumb-haver, and poet passionate about self discovery through artistic expression and working towards queer joy in literature.

Mars Mui

Position title: Graduate Student for Special Projects

Mars (she/they) is currently in Madison for their Master of Library and Information Science degree. They graduated from the University of Minnesota – Twin Cities with a Bachelor of Individualized Studies and worked at the GSCC equivalent on campus (QSCC) before moving back to Wisconsin. In their work and their personal life, they focus on representation, diversity, queer and trans experiences, and experiences of people of color. They love their friends, family, and their cat. (Her name is Bitsy and she is the best girl in the world.) In addition to their work at the GSCC, they work at the LIS library in Helen C. White, and can usually be found there being a library gremlin.

Social Work Interns

York Chow

Position title: QTPOC Health Intern

Alex Olson

Position title: Social Work Intern