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How can I make my office or classroom welcoming for LGBTQ students?

Check out Making Spaces Welcoming for Trans and Non-Binary Students for ways to support trans students in the classroom.  

Also browse Being an Ally: Staff and Faculty for more on LGBTQ allyship in the classroom or office.

How can I support a student or coworker questioning their gender identity or sexual orientation?

Visit our allies page and coming out page for tips and resources on supporting questioning folks. Please feel free to refer them to the Campus Center if they have more specific needs or want to find identity-based community. Also, consider holding a training for your campus unit.

Does my health insurance cover my partner? Does it cover trans care?

The Office of Human Resources offers a comprehensive description of domestic partner benefits at their Benefits Options for UW Employees with Domestic Partners page. UW insurance programs treat same- and opposite-sex domestic partners similarly.

Health insurance for UW graduate assistants and employees does not cover gender-affirming surgery or hormone therapy for policy holders or their partners.  Learn more from UW-Madison's General Benefits Information page and the University of Wisconsin System Employee Benefits page.

My work may interest the LGBTQ community. How can I get the word out?

Are you holding a talk or event? Please let us know at so we can advertise it on the Event Update, our Facebook page, and other outlets.

If you're doing work on trans issues or using a trans studies lens, check out the Trans Studies Colloquium to share and workshop your projects.

If you're hoping to reach LGBTQ students, staff, or faculty for a research study, please contact us to discuss options.

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