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Peer Mentor Program


The LGBTQ+ Peer Mentor Program at the GSCC connects LGBTQ+ students at UW-Madison who are seeking support with fellow students who volunteer to provide guidance.

Mentees can request an ongoing, sustained connection with a mentor or a drop-in, one-off conversation.

Mentors offer guidance to mentees based on lived experiences, skills developed during GSCC training, weekly mentor cohort check-ins, and references to additional resources.


The Peer Mentor Program provides two distinct but connected services, which both pull from the same cohort of mentors:

  1. Drop-in, short term, informal conversations between students seeking advice or guidance and mentors
  2. Ongoing, sustained, structured semester- or year-long connections between mentees and mentors

How to sign up

If you are an interested UW-Madison student, please fill out the form below. It will let you choose whether you are signing up to be a mentor or a mentee:

LGBTQ+ Peer Mentor Program sign-up form

Questions? Please contact the program coordinators below. We can’t wait to meet you!

Fall 2023 mentor training dates:

  • Monday, October 16, 5:00pm-8:00pm
  • Sunday, November 5, 2:00-5:00pm

Can’t make one of these meetings at the GSCC? Still sign up in the form and we’ll contact you for future trainings.


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How is this different from past PMP programs?

This year, the PMP is offering two distinct services: one-off, drop-in conversations, and ongoing mentor/mentee connections. We hope that choosing between these two options will meet the needs of mentees and mentors!

How do I join the PMP? When can I join?

Fill out the form at Mentees can join at any time. Mentors can fill out the form any time, and then will need to attend a mandatory training before they are paired with mentees. Fall trainings are October 16 and November 5. Spring semester trainings TBA!

Who is qualified to be a mentor?

Potentially any UW-Madison student! No formal mentorship or previous leadership training required. This program focuses on the experience and voice you already bring by virtue of being yourself.

What is the commitment of becoming a mentor?

Mentors make a commitment to the program and their mentee(s) for the rest of the academic year. It is up to mentors and mentees to decide how frequently they will communicate or meet up. Mentors are expected to participate in weekly cohort check-ins over Discord. If your capacity to participate as a mentor changes, we expect you to communicate with the PMP coordinators.

How soon will I be paired with a mentor or mentee?

If you request a drop-in, one-off conversation with a mentor, you will be matched with someone to talk to within 48 hours. If you request an ongoing connection, it may take longer to find someone who meets your needs.

How often should mentors and mentees meet?

The mentorship program is designed for maximum flexibility: once a mentors and mentees are paired, they decide based on their needs how to communicate, how often and where to meet, and other such factors. Some pairs are Discord chat friends only, others meet for lunch or go to events together. It’s up to you!

What happens if no mentors respond to my drop-in message?

If no mentors are available to respond within 48 hours, one of the PMP coordinators, Becca or Katherine, will respond to your drop-in message.

If you need immediate or emergency assistance, contact us directly or go to Support.

Participant thoughts

I’m still in contact with my mentor! It made a big difference to me to be connected.

Mentor thoughts

I enjoyed getting to know my mentee and watching them prosper here at UW!

Docs & resources

LGBTQ+ Peer Mentor Program coordinators

Becca Owen

Position title: Graduate Student for Leadership

Katherine Charek Briggs

Position title: Assistant Director