Elijah Holmes

Position title: First Year Engagement Intern

Email: esholmes2@wisc.edu

Illustration of six young Black people holding signs reading BLACK LIVES MATTER

Elijah is the first-year engagement intern for the GSCC. Not new to the area, Elijah has spent most his life in Madison. No foreigner to the campus, he has spent years on the campus through out his time in the PEOPLE program. Currently undecided, Elijah is looking to pursue a degree in psychology. He is passionate about advocating for those who have their voices stolen, working with students of color and unmarginalized groups, and building lasting and meaning connections with those he interacts with. As the first year engagement intern he will be able to bring new and creative ways for first year students to get more engaged with the campus center’s events, as well as provide a way for students to voice events and programs they would like to see from the Campus Center.