Healthy Relationships

Love Means

What does love mean to you?

What do healthy relationships look like to you?

You’ve heard of “red flags” in relationships – indicators that the relationship might be unhealthy – but what about GREEN flags?

At the GSCC we often see relationship curricula and messaging around a crisis lens, and while addressing trauma is so important, we wanted to think more transformatively about relationships and the possibilities for accountability and joy in our communities. We developed the Love Means campaign and the image above to provide some alternative messaging around what our relationships often are and could be.

Check out the resources here for more ideas about structuring healthy relationships based on respect, honesty, and communication.

Inspired by and with permission from TOD@S’ #QTPOCLove campaign (see below for more).

These materials are available for anyone who wants to increase visibility for relationship health and accountability, and for anyone who wants to have a conversation with their floor, group, or staff.

Love Means poster download (PDF)

Love Means button graphic (jpg)

Discussion questions (.docx)

Docs & resources

These are some resources we think can be a good starting point for thinking critically and lovingly about your relationships across the spectrum of family, work, friendship, and sexual and romantic connections.

Please let us know what other documents or tools resonate for you or have helped you think about relationships.