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Below are some frequently asked questions about campus policy and student life from transgender, genderqueer, and non-binary students.

Where can I connect with other trans students?

The LGBT CC hosts Gender Explorers, an open discussion group for participants who identify across the gender identity/expression and trans spectrums to come together and explore concepts and constructs of gender in their own lives. This group is open to all members of the UW campus community.


How can I change my name on campus records?

UW-Madison has begun a phased implementation of a Preferred Name Policy by which students, faculty, and staff can indicate a preferred first name to appear alongside or instead of a legal name on many campus systems.

Students: Preferred name can be set by going to MyUW and selecting the "Student Services" tab. From there, look for the portlet labeled Student Personal Information. You may indicate your preferred name by clicking clicking "Change".

Employees: Preferred name can be set by going to MyUW and selecting the "Work Record" tab. From there, look for the portlet labeled Personal Information. You may indicate your preferred name by clicking "Change".

Please see the Preferred Name Policy webpage for more information.

Does my health insurance cover trans care?

The Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP) covers non-surgical therapy related to transition, including hormone therapy and counseling.  SHIP also now covers gender affirming surgery, to a certain dollar amount.  Get full plan information at the SHIP website.

Health insurance for UW graduate assistants and employees does not cover gender affirmation surgery or hormone therapy for policy holders or their partners.  Learn more from UW-Madison at the general benefits page and from University of Wisconsin System at the employee benefits page.

Is gender identity protected in UW policy?

Both the UW System and UW-Madison include gender and identity and expression in non-discrimination policies.  Visit UW-Madison's Office for Equity and Diversity summary of relevant laws, policies and regulations for more information.

If you experience a negative experience based on your gender identity or expression, please visit the Campus Center, contact us, or fill out the Bias Response form.

How do I do research on trans issues?

Students, faculty, and staff working within the field of Transgender Studies can workshop their writing and collaborate with their peers at the Trans Studies Colloquium.

Find gender studies databases and more related resources in our Research Materials section.

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