Discussion Groups

Discussion Groups

Join your friends and peers for the following drop-in discussion groups on identity and community! Groups are facilitated by student peers and university staff members. Groups are not intended to replace therapy or counseling, and they are not open for research or observation.

You are welcome to drop in any of the groups below or contact their facilitators directly. Thanks for checking them out!

Queer Survivor Support Group

This is a space facilitated by LGBTQ+ MHS staff for UW-Madison student survivors to connect with peers and offer mutual support in a confidential environment. This group is specifically designed for LGBTQ+ UW-Madison students who have experienced sexual assault, dating/domestic violence, sexual harassment, stalking, and/or childhood sexual abuse. Come and be in community toward growth and healing.

Call the MHS front office at 608 – 265-5600 and sign up for a 15-30 min pre-group orientation meeting where you can hear more about the group, ask questions, and see if this group feels like a good fit.

GSCC conference room

GSCC contact: Tiffany Lee

Queerly Beloved

A group at Pres House for LGBTQ+ (and questioning) students and young adults to share fresh-cooked dinner and bond with each other across faith experiences.  We are a welcoming, uplifting space with no agenda but to form organic connections.  We include people of faith as well as those with more complicated faith backgrounds.  No matter your current beliefs, you are welcome at Queerly Beloved.

Every other Sunday
Pres House Prindham Lounge

Facilitator contact: Manato Murakami

LGBTQ Let’s Talk

Let’s Talk provides no-cost, informal, confidential consultations. Going to Let’s Talk can help you gain insight, support, and information about other resources.

  • No topic is off limits
  • Common concerns include: stress, sadness, worry, relationships, academics, family problems, and financial struggles 

GSCC conference room

Facilitators: Quincy Dillard and Blake Bettis


Are you polyamorous, nonmonogamous, or interested in open relationships?  Join us every other week for an in-community space to discuss identity, experiences, your needs and voices, and more.

Every other Wednesday
2/8, 2/22, 3/8, 3/22, 4/5,4/19, 5/3

GSCC conference room

Facilitator contact:
Jason Roth

Queer Students of Faith

Looking for a place to learn more about queer-affirming theology? Want to connect with other LGBTQ+ students? Hoping to explore your spirituality in a safe place? Queer Students of Faith is a space where LGBTQ+ students can bring all of who they are – their faith journeys, gender identities, sexual orientations – and learn more about Queer Theology!

4th Tuesdays of the month
The Crossing

Facilitator contact: Crossing Ministries

Event Series Discussion Groups

These groups have morphed from biweekly discussions to trips, special events, and topic-based get-togethers! Check them out and and join us.


rooted is an event series intended for those who self-identify as LGBTQ people of color. We hope to provide a space to discuss your experiences with multiple intersecting identities and find support and fellowship with folks who’ve shared similar experiences. Come speak to the barriers you encounter because of your identities and share what you love about yourself and your communities.

Facilitator contact: Tiffany Lee

Gender Explorers

This open discussion group is a space for participants who identify across the gender identity/expression and trans spectrums to come together and explore concepts and constructs of gender in their own lives. This group is open to all members of the UW campus community.

For now: Find us on the GSCC discord in the TGQ channel!

Facilitator contact: Eli Busk

Discussion group coordinators

Tiffany Lee

Position title: Crossroads Coordinator


Phone: 608-265-3344

Katherine Charek Briggs

Position title: Assistant Director